Definition of the order

We are proud to design and produce our acoustic tiles in Italy. We deliver directly to the end user all around Europe, for other countries we manage the delivery case by case. Contact us for the definition of the order and the delivery costs, our staff will support you from the pattern design to the installation of the products.

Our tiles are produced by a handcrafted cold moulding process, where we mix the traditional handmade Italian quality with new developed way of working natural materials. This approach makes it possible the realization of products realized by natural material with top-level technical features. Due to the fact that we use only natural materials in an handcrafted production process, small differences in colours or texture from batch to batch or inside the same production batch have to be considered part of the value of the final product.

You can order every shape and every colour in the quantity you need for your project, even a single tile. Thanks to our flexibility, you can choose among such a variety of different patterns that you will be able to satisfy your customization desire. If you need an offer contact us at, we will support you in all the steps for the definition of your order.

In our inspiration gallery you will find many different ideas and patterns that will help you in the realization of your unique project, suited for your own personal mood and installation space. You can also find a section with predefined projects, so you can directly order your ready to buy acoustic wall cover. In this case, please send us at an e-mail with the name of the project. We will provide you the information for the payment and delivery of the tiles you need, with the installation instruction and project scheme. Our team will be at your disposal to answer your question or any help you may need.

We produce our acoustic tiles at the order, after the definition of all the purchase conditions. Please consider a delivery time between 3 to 6 weeks after order confirmation, depending on quantities and purchase conditions.